NEW SunUp Breakfast Program!

It’s time to Rise and Dine! Introducing Hemstrought’s new SunUp Breakfast program!!

A luscious breakfast sandwich of egg "soufflé" packed with flavor on freshly-baked Hemstrought’s English Muffin, our new SunUp cookie, and a cup of fresh-brewed coffee or tea all for $6.75!

We have the following options available:

-Egg, Mushroom & Swiss Cheese
-Bacon & Egg
-Ham & Egg with chili pepper

A delicious breakfast with coffee and the perfect afternoon snack!!


Hemstrought’s has been in Utica for 101 years. In 1920, Harry B. Hemstrought crafted his famous Halfmoon recipe in what began as a small bakery on Genesee St. in Utica, New York, Hemstrought's highly sought-after secret recipe has been passed down by our bakers for generations.  Each Halfmoon is crafted with the perfect mix of smooth chocolate fudge and buttercream frosting atop a soft ‘cake-like’ cookie bottom for a unique texture with an irresistible taste.


One hundred years later, all cookies are baked from scratch with all-natural ingredients. The Halfmoons are hand-frosted with a luscious chocolate fudge and vanilla buttercream frosting -- a recipe that has not changed since the bakery's founding 101 years ago.


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